9. Kade Schemahorn

“Making things easy to use is not enough. It takes time to make something meaningful.”

In this episode of The Iowa Idea Podcast, I sit down with Kade Schemahorn. Among the many topics we discussed, we explored design ethics and design responsibility. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Kade on a number of projects. I’ve always appreciated his thoughtful approach to design and collaboration. So, I was delighted when he agreed to join me on The Iowa Idea Podcast.

Kade talked about what he took away from his time at the Austin Center for Design (AC4D). We discuss how we were influenced by Jon Kolko, especially his first book Thoughts on Interaction Design. As it relates the the craft of design, one principle Kade carries with him from AC4D is the notion of “do it again.”

We cover the importance of being persistent and curious as one works on their craft and the challenges faced in complex design projects. As Kade says in our interview, “I’m always surprised it doesn’t come easier… every project is a slog, but most of it is related to taking on more complex challenges.”

I’d like to thank Kade for joining me for this discussion. I hope you enjoy the episode.

About Kade

Kade Schemahorn is a user experience designer interested in how designers can become better stewards of technology and how we can make products and services that better align with our values.

In 2015, he participated in a program at the Austin Center for Design where he earned a certificate in interaction design and social entrepreneurship.

After AC4D, Kade spent a year at the experience design agency, Handsome, putting his training in design research into practice for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Most recently, Kade has devoted his attention to researching and understanding other design researchers like himself, helping to build a digital system for storing and sharing user research so that organizations can make more informed decisions to better serve people.


Thank you to Kade for taking the time to join the podcast.

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