This podcast is rooted in the concept of the Iowa Idea, which was originally conceived at The University of Iowa by Walter Jessup and Carl Seashore in the 1920s. The Iowa Idea originally brought together practicing artists and scholars for a new form of collaboration. Jessup and Seashore’s idea blossomed, to bring forth the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and the Master of Fine Arts degree, by mixing theory and practice to advance both. Nearly a century later, The Iowa Idea podcast explores modern collaboration, craft, and persistence. This podcast tells the stories of Iowa natives, transplants, and friends who demonstrate The Iowa Idea in the 21st Century. Join us for in-depth conversations with artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders, to learn how they approach their craft and represent a modern version of the Iowa Idea. The Iowa Idea is produced in Iowa City by Spark Consulting Group www.inspiredbyspark.com.