21. Andy Joynt

The Iowa Idea: Andy Joynt

It’s really a team effort.

In this episode of The Iowa Idea Podcast, I sit down with Andy Joynt. Andy is the Head Brewer at Big Grove. As a beer nerd and fan of Big Grove, it was a joy to talk with Andy and discuss his craft and approach. Andy has been the head brewer at Big Grove since 2016 and over saw the build out of the production brewery at their Iowa City location. When we recorded this episode Andy and team were in the middle of another major production expansion.

Andy and I explore his path to becoming a brewer and the experience of being the Head Brewer in a time of rapid expansion. We cover learning, creativity, craft, and collaboration, a modern extension of the Iowa Idea. I appreciated Andy’s approach to testing and feedback early in his journey to improve his craft; as well as his descriptions of the collaborative, team approach at Big Grove.

I’d like to thank Andy for joining me on the podcast, I hope you enjoy the episode.

About Andy

After graduating from Colorado State University in 2005 and spending a few years as a ski bum, Andy found his way back to Iowa City to pursue his brewing passion. Andy has been the Head Brewer at Big Grove since 2016 and oversaw the buildout of the production brewery at the Iowa City location.

You can find out more about Big Grove on their website – https://biggrovebrewery.com/


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