16. Yasmin Marrero

“It’s going to messy. It’s going to be beautiful.”

In this episode of The Iowa Idea Podcast, I sit down with Yasmin Marrero. Yasmin talks about her journey and personal narrative – growing up as a first-generation Afro-Latina American from the West Bronx, to her work in behavioral neuroscience, and now an entrepreneur and coach.

Yasmin discusses the power of identities, self-discovery, and personal narratives, as tools to help people unlock their own confidence. In our conversation we explore the power of intimacy, vulnerability, and community, especially in these trying times of change.

Yasmin has created “Connect & Cultivate,” a Women of Color Empowerment Circle based in Iowa City, IA. Links to Yasmin’s websites, Instagram page, and her LinkedIn page are in the About section of this episode.

I’d like to thank Yasmin for joining me for this discussion. It was an honor to have her on the podcast. I hope you enjoy the episode.

About Yasmin

Yasmin Marrero is a first-generation Afro-Latina American originally from the West Bronx, NYC. With a background in behavioral neuroscience, and a degree in organizational change and leadership coaching from Northwestern University, she empowers individuals to unlock their confidence by using self-discovery tools to live a life rooted on what they deeply desire. Through this process they overcome inherited beliefs that stand in their way, aligning to a deeper set of values.

This exists as private and group coaching both online and in person. Yasmin has also created Connect & Cultivate, the only Women of Color Empowerment Circle currently offered in Iowa City, IA. She collaborates as a coach and facilitator with the movements of Radical Reimagining and Rework Work to expand this impact across the world.

  • Yasmin’s Website
  • Radical ReimaginingA collaborative space designed by coaches and consultants imagining and creating a world centered in equity, inclusion and justice.
  • Yasmin Marrero on LinkedIn
  • Yasmin on Instagram


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